WHAT TO WEAR: Meet the Parents

Summer is the time of relaxation, exploration and of course summer romances. Introducing yourself to your new beau’s parents can be stressful but it does not have to be! Especially if you are wearing a killer outfit that is guaranteed to make a great first impression. Opt for something that is polished but not too formal—you do not want to seem like you are trying too hard—and remember to be yourself! Stay true to who you are and your outfit will compliment your dazzling personality.

This Fashionisto’s outfit is a perfect example of a casual yet polished outfit to meet the parents on any occasion. He chose a beautiful neutral blue-gray button down shirt and paired it with a fitted button down gray cardigan. When in doubt, neutral colors are always great choices since they are conservative and chic. This Fashionisto completed his outfit by wearing some fitted black jeans and burgundy canvas Dr. Martens. If you want to throw in a subtle element of color in your outfit, shoes are a perfect way to do so! Another easy way to incorporate more color in your outfit is to wear a fun colored cardigan if you want to show your beau’s parents your fun side!

One Simple Change: If you and your beau have a concert to attend post meeting the parents and do not want to wear the same outfit, then simply swap out the button-down shirt for a casual T-shirt or fun striped sweater for chilly outdoor events.. Keep these quick changes in your car and you are ready to go!