WHAT TO WEAR: Meet the Parents

It’s that time of the year: you and your new college beau are home for the summer, which means meeting the parents! I recently began spending a decent amount of time with my boyfriend’s mother, and I decided that my Cleveland Cavaliers Matthew Dellevedova T-shirt wasn’t exactly appropriate attire. Every girl wants to impress her boyfriend’s parents, and picking the right outfit is the first way to do it. There are usually a few basic rules that I stick to—no sultry lace, no low-cut necklines, no visible bra straps and no booty shorts. During the summer heat, it can be challenging to find an outfit that doesn’t show too much skin. That’s why one of my favorite go-to trends is a casual pair of high-waisted, professional-looking shorts. The pair seen here is great because the sash ads a playful, summery feel to the outfit and eliminates the need for a belt.  Pairing shorts with heels or wedges can cause the shorts to appear shorter, so if you’re going for a more modest look, flats or sandals are the way to go. My Brandy Melville halter top is a must-have in my wardrobe; it looks great with almost every outfit. Because it is slightly cropped, pairing it with high-waisted shorts guarantees showing no midriff.  Topped off with a blazer or cropped jacket and a long necklace pretty much completes this simple look. However, if you’re going for an added pop of color, a statement top like the one seen here also pairs beautifully with the shorts, and eliminates the need for a necklace.

One thing that I’d really like to stress is that when you’re meeting your significant other’s parent(s), make sure to wear an outfit that represents YOU. Style represents personality, and you want to show your partner’s parents the real you. Meeting the parents can be stressful, but fashion can also be a great conversation starter! Try it out, and good luck!

One Simple Change: Swapping the sandals out for heels, booties or wedges and exchanging the cropped jacket for a leather one can instantly bring this look from meeting the parents to date night! Your date will be impressed with your ability to still look rockin’ in an outfit he would introduce you to his parents in.