WHAT TO WEAR: Meet the Parents

When it comes to meeting the parents, no wardrobe can silence the anxiety of a Fashionista/o tearing through their once acceptable looks that are now deemed unworthy of the occasion. For Fashionistas, quelling the nerves of meeting the parents can be fixed with a cute sundress and a cardigan. For Fashionistos, however, the battle continues between casual and formal looks. But have no fear, the ultimate meet the parents look is here.

First and foremost, fashion should always embody who you are and your personal style. But when it comes to meeting the parents, a Fashionista/o must find an outfit that balances personal style and sophistication. This Fashionisto not only combines the two elements of a meet the parents look successfully, but also has a simple, everyday style to wear to class. Although his look is polished, the outfit is still casual enough to be a perfect, go-to look for other occasions such as class, the library, dinners and weekend plans. Pairing a classic striped sweater with a light jacket, this Fashionisto polishes his look with gray joggers and oxfords. With a stylish and utilitarian backpack in hand, this Fashionisto is ready to leave class and meet the parents.

No need to invest in a suit gentlemen because your perfect meet the parents look is probably hanging in your closet. But make sure to leave the T-shirts and sweatpants in your dresser because meeting the parents calls for refinement and polish. For my anxious Fashionistas, use this Fashionisto’s simple yet sophisticated look as inspiration for when your significant other is ready to introduce you to his or her family. Basics such as sweaters and jackets can be dressed up with classy accessories to find the sweet spot between casual and formal style. Without a doubt, the key to a successful meet the parents look exists within your own closet.

Meeting the parents can be stressful but not to worry Fashionistas/os because the best style you can wear is confidence. By simply dressing up your favorite essential and go-to styles, any Fashionista/o can feel confident, at ease and stylish to meet the parents of their significant other. Go on, take another peek in the closet you just tore apart looking for the “perfect” meet the parents look. I am sure you will find a sophisticated and classy look within your own closet, no parental guidance necessary.

One Simple Change: Need an outfit for a more formal occasion ASAP? Try replacing the sweater with a light colored button-down shirt to amp up the sophistication of your outfit for a presentation, dinner or brunch.