WHAT TO WEAR: Meet the Parents

Meeting your significant other’s parents can be quite nerve-wracking. When to meet them? Where to meet? With all this stress, you might even forget the dreaded question of “What to wear?”. When deciding what to wear, it can be hard to figure out a look that not only best represents you, but that will impress your significant other’s parents. Before you even say hello, the parents can judge you based on your appearance; however, with the help of this Fashionisto it can be easy to begin your introduction into their good graces.

This Fashionisto puts together an outfit that will give off a great impression for the parents and create the perfect mix of casual and put-together. He pairs together his Banana Republic Gingham light blue button down, J.Crew navy blue Chinos with a Patagonia stonewash Better Sweater Fleece Vest on top. His overall preppy yet classic look will help get the stamp of approval from any mom or dad of being good-looking, sophisticated and stylish.

Unless you’re dealing with a Jack Byrnes like in the comedy Meet the Parents, you shouldn’t have too much to worry about especially when you’re in an outfit that best represents you. However, above all, be yourself. Don’t wear an outfit that you wouldn’t regularly wear. Shower, put on a clean shirt, smile and relax.

One Simple Change: Meeting the parents can take place at a variety of locations; from restaurants to their home. It is important to keep in mind what attire is appropriate wherever you choose to meet. For a more formal look, add a suit coat on top for a more polished look.