WHAT TO WEAR: Meet The Parents

In a new relationship, it’s only a matter time before you meet your boyfriend or girlfriend’s parents, which can be quiet nerve-wracking for most. What you decide to wear will be the first impression they will have of you and can make it or break it with how they see you in the future. The perfect outfit is the utmost importance and will set the stage of what they think of you. Meeting the parents can take place at a variety of places from a fancy restaurant to a casual lunch at home. This Fashionista is getting ready for a nice dinner at her boyfriend’s parents favorite restaurant. The best outfit for this occasion is one that shows off her personality, while giving off a classy vibe at the same time.

This Fashionista gives off a good impression to the parents by wearing a chic white and navy high-low dress from Forever 21. The top of the dress features a classic white crotchet look with a fun, breezy chiffon fabric on the bottom, perfect for the summer weather. The flowy high-low look of the dress is perfect to show off some of her curves while being modest at the same time. A fun statement necklace with gold and colored beads makes the perfect accent piece to the outfit. Her natural-looking makeup and nails make her look as if she didn’t try to hard to impress with them. All together, her look gives off a chic and innocent vibe, two things every parents look for in their child’s significant other!

One Simple Change: Want to go out with your friends after meeting the parents? Bring your makeup bag and throw on a cool colored eyeshadow and mascara to give your look a little more glamour to show of those gorgeous eyes of yours!