WHAT TO WEAR: Meet The Parents

Showing up in fishnet stockings, leather hot pants and a crop top is not the play when meeting your boyfriend’s parents for the first time. You crave their approval, you want them to think that you are perfect for their son and you can start by picking out the right outfit. What you wear can make or break their opinion of you. Hopefully they won’t be judging you solely on your outfit, but the right ensemble will definitely earn you some brownie points and help you give the parents a great first impression. There is a fine line between between dressing to impress and downright trying too hard. Ladies, I’m talking sundresses and cardigans, not pants suits and ballerina buns. You need an outfit that is innocent yet not too proper and one that shows that you respect them and most importantly yourself. I promise you that you will win over their hearts in a matter of seconds.

This Fashionista masters the modest-chic look by sticking to a cute and girly ensemble. She keeps the outfit interesting by layering a cream sweater over a lace, mint green tank top that peeks out nicely to show just the right amount of color and frill. She matches the top with a pair of black pants and a pair of comfortable riding boots. Finally, she adds some charming jewelry pieces that complement the outfit and the colors nicely. If she happens to start overheating due to sudden nervousness, she can easily remove the sweater and let the tank top stand alone. This Fashionista models the perfect example of an outfit you can wear when meeting the parents. It’s one that shows that you are a stylish and put together young lady who would never dare to break their son’s heart.

One Simple Change: Once you’re finished impressing the socks off of your boyfriend’s parents with your oh-so-chic yet modest ensemble, it’s time to celebrate your success with a night out with your girlfriends. Ditch the sweater for a more edgy leather jacket, swap the riding boots with some sexy knee-high boots and let down those locks and shake them out. You deserve to let loose, relax those shoulders and laugh freely without worrying if you’re being inappropriate or saying exactly the right thing. Don’t forget to take a brief moment to brag to your friends about how much the parents loved you. You just survived easily one of the most nerve-wracking experiences ever, and you came out on top. Congratulations!