WHAT TO WEAR: Looking Good in Unpredictable Weather

Typically, people tend to think that when a girl gets dressed up, it’s for a special occasion. However, that isn’t the case for this Fashionista. Sometimes girls just want to look good for no reason or look good for themselves.

It’s fun walking along campus feeling hot just for the heck of it, but this year’s weather has been crazy unpredictable.The month of February was all over the place with the different ranges of temperatures, and now that March is here, there is the expectation the weather may be like this again.

For all the lovely people who want a day to look hot but aren’t sure what to wear, this Fashionista’s got a cool style to pick up on. She decided that black was her top color to wear for today. She had on a leather jacket with silver zippers on each side. Under her jacket was a black, ribbed bodysuit with lace that added a touch of sexy to it.

For bottoms, she decided to keep it simple with navy blue, high-waisted jeans followed by a black leather, medium length heel with silver buckles. This Fashionista pointed out to me that she could fold her boot to either keep it either below or above her knee.

Her long, thick hair was spread all over with her bangs pinned up in a little bun. Her makeup was casual, but she still looked great. What’s awesome about her outfit is that she didn’t have to try hard to get the perfect combination between cute and sexy.