WHAT TO WEAR: Lights On Lights

As the summer begins, so does the summer weather! Personally, as an Indiana dweller, I never know what the weather has in mind. One day you will see perfect skies. The next day the weather has been known to provide us a lovely thunder or hailstorm. Then the next day, perfect skies again. Everyone that attends Indiana University has learned to adapt to these ever-changing weather patterns, and this Fashionista had adapted to this early summer heat!

This Fashionista enjoys long walks in the rain, Indian food and taking the clothes from her twin brother’s closet! She has adapted to this weather by snatching her brother’s T-shirt and adding it to her own distressed denim jeans. Distressed denim is good to wear in the summer in order to stay cool! Her light on light combination really stood out to me for a summer look that resembles the white on white trend. She added her loafers for a simple  summer outfit that can be worn to class or for going out with friends!

Jewelry makes an impact! She loves her gold and made sure the world would know by incorporating a gold watch for a statement that matches her light color scheme. With her watch, she wanted to make the look slightly feminine with a delicate partners in crime bracelet and a golden bone ring.

Summer is the time to protect your eyes from the summer sun when going out. As she was walking out of the door, this Fashionista did not want to forget her Ray-Ban sunglasses! Her Ray-bans also have a hint of gold as well to match her gold jewelry.

One Simple Change: To make this look a more feminine outfit, you can switch out the basic T-shirt for a solid white crop top to stay cool and make it a look that keeps with the white on white trend.