WHAT TO WEAR: Library Looks

Midterm season is upon us, which means it is getting harder and harder to find a seat in the library. However, it has been unseasonably warm in Iowa lately, allowing us to study outside, if only until the below-freezing temperatures return. But even if you are stuck inside a library, those aisles of books can become runways. As much as I love a good gray sweatshirt and gray sweatpants combo (which is a lot, I really love a good gray outfit), sometimes it’s fun to switch it up.

This Fashionista is staying warm on her way to the Main Library in a quilted gray bomber jacket. Bomber jackets are classic, comfortable, warm, and can easily be taken from studying to a night out—with the right top underneath. Here, this style aficionado wears a simple, flowy tank top underneath her jacket. Adorable, but still comfortable enough to lounge in the computer lab all day. If she wanted to wear the jacket out at night, it would look great paired with a crop top or even just a lace bralette.

One of the best ways to spice up a simple outfit like this is to add some subtle accessories. This Fashionista goes with little layered necklaces and rings to make a statement. Nothing too flashy to be studying in, but shiny enough to take the outfit from boring to stand-out. Little necklaces and rings give off a minimalist vibe, and the mixing of metals is very on-trend.

Lastly, the look is finished off with a clean pair of white sneakers, perhaps one of the biggest trends for 2017. We get more minimalist vibes from these comfy slip-ons, which can easily be worn anywhere, from class, to the library, to girls’ night out. I have a similar pair of these that I’ve worn so much they are starting to fall apart!

One of my best friends in high school would always dress nice for her finals, and when I asked why, her response was always, “look good, feel good, do good.” Back then, this was confusing to me. I refused to look nice for anything and boycotted jeans on a daily basis. But now I understand it more. Good style can give you confidence, and confidence is one of the most important study tools. So my midterm advice to all the Fashionista/os out there is to wear what makes you feel most confident, whether that be a dress and booties or an oversize hoodie and running shoes.

Best of look on midterms, Fashionista/os!