WHAT TO WEAR: Library Apparel

As the semester progresses, so does the amount of homework professors assign. Free time is swapped with cramming, and Fashionistas may find themselves spending hours in the library. When studying or trying to get work done, being comfy is almost always your best bet. However, it is possible to be comfortable and look good too. “Dressing well to test well” allows your confidence in the way you look to have a positive impact on your study abilities, in addition to boosting your over-all mood.

When walking across campus to get your study on, you can definitely work up a sweat. Even in the fall months, especially on a big campus, it doesn’t take long to get overheated. Our Fashionista is dressed perfectly for her cross campus commute in a flowing, olive jumpsuit that is not only comfortable to walk in, but also for a long study session. This breathable fabric is the opposite of restricting, which is a sensation you don’t want to feel during a daylong or all night cram session. Also, because less thought goes into a cute one piece than an ensemble with multiple components, this outfit will let you to be lazy without anyone knowing it. To complete the look, our Fashionista chose some Birkenstocks, another “lazy girl chic” staple, as well as some Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses. When the temperature drops, this simple outfit can easily transition to a chilly fall day by adding a flannel, denim button-up or cardigan, as well as by swapping out the sandals for some sneakers.