February 16th, 2016 at 2:10am

Heading back to campus for the spring semester is the perfect time to step up your library style. Preparing for a marathon day at the library is a daunting task, but by focusing on layers you can be prepared for a variety of temperatures. While no one wants to sweat it out at the library, chilly drafts can cool things down fairly quickly. On the other hand, searching for something that is both stylish and comfortable can be a challenge in and of itself. My library style consists of leggings, riding boots and a variety of layered tops.

Cardigans, scarves and vests are all simple and stylish clothing articles that will keep you comfy in any setting. This Fashionista takes advantage of the warmer temperatures in her library style. Her outfit consists of a long sleeved shirt, leggings, a vest and a fluffy scarf. By adding and subtracting her scarf and vest, this Fashionista can translate her outfit from outdoor appropriate to study ready in a matter of seconds. To finish off her look, she adds a pair of boots that are both weather appropriate and supremely stylish. If she wanted to switch up her look, this Fashionista could swap out her scarf for a neutral-colored, knit beanie.

One Simple Change: To transition her study style into something more appropriate for the coming cold weather, this Fashionista could swap her vest for a long parka. Additionally, to keep her feet nice and toasty, a pair of Timberland boots that are perfect for the snowy weather.