Even though it’s summertime, this Fashionista is still hitting the books and taking summer classes. Being a biology major at Howard University takes a lot of study time, so she’ll do anything she can to stay ahead.

She has a stylish and vintage look with her thrifted vest, featuring an interesting pattern fit for a royal queen. It adds to the otherwise “comfy” look and gives a nice pop of color to the darker tones that this Fashionista has on.

Fall is approaching, so why not get ahead start on some fall trends? This Fashionista has wasted no time breaking out the dark colors like black and navy, something different from what everyone has been wearing all summer. It’s always good to be ahead, academically and stylistically. This outfit is a combination of preparing for fall and preparing for a long night of studying in the library.

Since she’s spending most of her time inside, this Fashionista doesn’t have to worry about beating the heat, so a nice pair of dark jeans from JCPenny and a large T-shirt borrowed from her dad was the perfect combination for spending some long hours studying inside. She completes the look with a nice matching pair of sneakers, something comfortable for those long walks from your study spot to the vending machine.

Simple Change: Done studying and want to go out for the night? Try changing from jeans to a cute circle skirt and a necklace to play on the royal elements of the vest.