Imagine a typical study session: your books are strewn across the table, papers are literally everywhere, pencils are practically falling out of your book bag and your laptop is opened up to a gazillion tabs in your browser. At the moment your planner shows three papers due this week, a project coming up and too many exams to count. On a day like this, usually the last thing on your mind is your wardrobe. But before you decide to throw your hair into a messy bun and put on your favorite sweats, consider following this Fashionista’s trendy style.

When it comes to studying, this Fashionista knows her stuff. The key to any indoor look is layering. Libraries, as are many academic buildings, are difficult to keep at a constant temperature. One day they can be humid and the next they can feel like a tundra. Don’t let the bipolar temperatures confuse your style, instead make sure to have a versatile jacket handy to be prepared for any occasion.

Add more layers and layer a vintage blouse under a floral dress to create a schoolgirl look that is perfect for the library. With its loose fit, it will keep you comfortable, yet help you maintain a collected look throughout your studying.

Choose a neutral purse to complement the outfit. Neutral colors are more professional and are great in library settings. Add a pair of black tights or leggings to stay comfortable because it’s likely that you’ll be sitting for several hours. Also try playing up your shoes like this Fashionista by adding shiny booties to make the look more fun.

One Simple Change: To go from a full day of studying to a night with the girls, just switch out your versatile jacket for a leather jacket to bring an edge to your style.