Midterm season has finally come to an end and the chilly weather is here! Now is the time to head to the library and keep up with all of your homework and assignments. Whether you are the student that likes to spend the entire day at the campus library or locked up somewhere quiet, a classic flannel, boots and black leggings are always the best way to go!

Often enough, libraries are either too hot or too cold to study in during the fall. This Fashionista is dressed from head to toe in the most practical way for all weather. She is wearing a long sleeve green flannel styled shirt with purple detailing that highlights an ombre effect. Her tall brown riding boots add a seasonal touch to her casual appearance. This Fashionista’s look is perfect for a day at the library because she has the option of rolling up her sleeves if she is feeling too warm.

As college students, we all know we have our good and our bad days. Sometimes we just want to dress comfortably when we know we have school work to do. Spending a few hours in the library to get some work done calls for our most comfortable attire. Throw on a simple necklace and some classic stud earrings and you’re golden. A long sleeved flannel, boots and leggings are the best combination.

One Simple Change:  Just finished studying at the library and want to go out and run some errands? Just throw on a leather jacket or a heavy sweater and you’re good to go! The temperatures are getting so much lower and being prepared for anything is the best we can do to battle the cold.