November 17th, 2015 at 2:00am

I spotted a lovely Fashionista entering the library. When going to the library (a place that is definitely not on your bucket list, but a place where you will end up spending more time that you hoped) you want to be comfortable while still being fashionable. You never know whom you could run into. Thus, wearing your favorite comfy sweater is always a good idea!

If we have to pick one reason why fall is a great season, let me tell you that this big, comfy, cozy warm partner called sweater would be the one, among beautiful landscapes, Halloween and PSL. This comfy sweater is the perfect way to create a small and lovely cocoon in order not to become overwhelmed by the crazy amount of work you have to do.

Simply be aware that there is a difference between wearing a sophisticated and feminine sweater with elegant design and sober colors and wearing a comfy sweater that you sometimes use as pajamas. The first one is a perfect option to go out in while the second one is great when staying at home. This Fashionista got it right by picking this stylish Jacquard knit sweater.

Pair your sweater with a black legging or pants and your favorite pair of sneakers, and you’re good to go! Do not forget to put on an elegant but casual jacket to stay warm. And since the outfit is pretty simple, do not hesitate to copy this Fashionista and accessorize!

One Simple Change: For colder weather, just make sure to replace your light jacket with a warmer coat. You can also throw on a nice beanie to keep your ears warm, and replace your sneakers with a pair of black boots that will keep your feet warm.