The endless summer feeling that we all had back in May is sadly and finally coming to a close. Soon, this means we will be boxing up our shorts, tank tops, sandals and bathing suits. They will be piled up in big plastic bins under our beds where they will be collecting dust, while patently awaiting to be worn for next Spring Break and summer. Although this is depressing to think about, we can slowly transition into our back-to-school Fall wear, which is always new and exciting. With classes approaching, we need to get ready for the long, restless hours spent in the library with too many cups of coffee to count. This Fashionisto is doing it all right; he knows exactly how to combine classy with comfy for a lengthy night spent studying.

This Fashionisto is bringing a fresh, trendy look to the library. He knows fall is approaching, but can’t let go of the summer vibes just yet. This is perfect for the warm weather that is still lingering around us. This muted blue Vans, “Off the Wall” T-shirt is paired with his Banana Republic joggers. When sitting for hours reading books and studying, an up-to-date version of sweatpants seems like a good choice. What really bring this outfit together are his bright white, Sperry Top-Siders. They dress up the outfit just enough and make it great for the library.

One Simple Change: It’s a Thursday night, you finally finished your homework after four long hours, and you want to still make it out with your friends? Switch the Jogger sweatpants with a pair of tan khakis and you are bound to have a great night filled with many compliments about your outfit.