October 16th, 2015 at 2:00am

When the weather turns frigid and you’re forced to leave the hibernation of your bed for what feels like endless hours of class and studying, feeling comfortable in what you’re wearing is essential. It can sometimes seem impossible to drag yourself from your last class, through the dreaded walk of sideways wind and blowing leaves to the library. Not to mention, it’s that time of the year when your to-do list is at an all time high and the temperature is at an all-time low. So where’s the balance?

Staying warm is crucial for sustaining the motivation to get your work done. It is important not to wear too many layers, though; you don’t want to be drowning in so many clothes that you can barely move your arms. This Fashionisto is demonstrating the ideal balance of fighting the cold while not having to worry about adjusting to the temperature change between the inside of the library and the cold walk to the car.

They don’t call it sweater-weather for no reason. This Fashionisto’s orange color-block sweater keeps him comfortable without having to sacrifice his personal style. His beanie keeps him looking casual while also keeping him as warm as the color-scheme of his outfit. His leather TOMS shoes are perfect for the chilly weather and also for slipping on-and-off when he’s stuck studying on the quiet floor.

One Simple Change: Want to copy this look with an extra layer or two? Adding a scarf or a denim jacket can keep you warm without altering your style. The sooner you feel comfortable in the clothes you’re wearing, the sooner you can finish your to-do list and go right back to hibernating in bed and binge-watching Netflix!