Hey, Fashionistas/os! I hope you all are working hard in summer classes and at internships and jobs, but not too hard to miss out on enjoying some sun and some fashion. For many of us taking summer classes, we have to skip a few beach days in order to study and get some work done. But there’s no reason we have to skip out on style!

This Fashionista perfectly exemplified my point while heading into the library earlier this week. As I caught her going in to my local library to study for a test, I couldn’t help but stop her and compliment her look!

For this incredibly hot day that will be spent in an air-conditioned library to study, this Fashionista’s loose, silky long-sleeved top is a perfect match. It’s long-sleeved, so it provides the right amount of comfort if it’s a bit chilly inside, but it’s very loose and silky which allows her body to breathe in the hot weather. She tucks the front of the shirt in to a pair of high-waisted, black denim shorts. The front tucked in with the rest of the shirt loosely and almost carelessly falling around the shorts gives the look a more casual feel for the library, while the black high-waisted shorts and the romantic, natural colors and pattern on the silky button-up make a lovely and classic combination.

As with any outfit, accessories make it complete! Our Fashionista wears a collection of thin, simple necklaces to fall perfectly in the opening of the button-up shirt. It adds a nice shine and personal touch to the shirt and to the whole outfit. She carries her books in hand, and wears a little lady-like satchel with a thin strap, woven through silver metal. Her shoes are to die for: a perfect casual gladiator sandal that can be worn regularly for casual occasions but are still incredibly stylish.

One Simple Change: Just finished your study session late? Whether you want to leave the library to go straight to dinner or out to a party, try switching the flat gladiator sandals to black wedges and add a red lip.