July 28th, 2015 at 2:00am

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of school getting back into session. There are about six weeks left before summer vacation ends, so before hitting the books, it’s time to get yourself back into the studying atmosphere! How? The library, my friend, is where one can start.

The library is a place for studying. It is also a place where many college students pull off all-nighters, hang out with friends and take advantage of free wifi. Therefore, dressing casually and comfortably for the five plus hours spent at the library is essential.

In this Fashionisto’s outfit, he perfectly portrayed what is described above. He wore a striped T-shirt with gray jogger pants and worn-down gray TOMS shoes. I think my favorite piece from his outfit was his jogger pants. This piece is popularly found in many female collection wear; however, I’ve found that it has also become a trendy piece in the men’s department. It has a slouchy look to it and is perfect for the comfort vibe when one is in the library. In addition, I loved how he looks like he’s ready to tackle the rest of his day at the Sheboygan Mead Public Library either in front of a book or a screen.

One Simple Change: After hours and hours of spending your day within an enclosed, quiet building, your friends text you to meet up for late night dinner. To switch your casual, comfy look up, exchange the striped T-shirt with a light blue button-down. This will give your outfit a set-back, cool look—especially with the jogger pants and worn-down TOMS shoes.