April 16th, 2015 at 2:00am

When a college semester comes to a close, the Fighting Illini start to see less people sunbathing on the quad and more people hitting the books. It is that time of year again, Finals are around the corner and I am personally feeling the pressure of another semester ending as project outlines and final applications pile high on my desk. Suddenly the library becomes the most popular spot on campus, just in time for the weather to turn around. It is important to feel comfortable and ready to study when at the library, yet not so comfortable that you cannot sift through your hideously large textbook. So, how do you pull off this look and still look fashion-forward?

I found this Fashionista making her way to the library wearing a fitted black tank top and matching leggings. The outfit is both easy to throw on and fashionable. Who do you know that doesn’t look good in a tank top and leggings? The look also makes it easier to keep her studies the limelight of going to the library in the first place. It is important to wear mostly neutral colors, like black, when studying. It keeps you calm and focused. Neon and brighter tones will distract the eyes!

However, a pop of color won’t hurt. This Fashionista brightens her outfit with pink Nike sneakers and a Goyard tote. The pink and blue hues from her token accessories work well together in this ensemble. They create a mix and match feel, another trend that is so popular this season. Spring is known for rebirth, a chance to be daring with your closet and make way for the library while still looking fabulous. The Fashionista I spotted rocked this look perfectly.

One Simple Change: Feeling motivated after a long day at the library? Hit the gym! Switch out the tank top for a patterned sports bra and you’re on your way to a great workout.