Planning an outfit to wear to go to the library is probably the last thing on your mind when all you can think about is the mountain of books and papers in front of you on your desk. But I also know that for myself and for many others­­ that when you look good, you feel good and in turn you perform better. Plus, nobody wants to be uncomfortable when hours of studying are up ahead. This Fashionista perfectly portrays a cool and collected vibe on her way to the library.

The library is the perfect place to pull out the ordinary black leggings and white T-shirt, but don’t be afraid to style it up! Outerwear and accessories can completely change the style. This lightweight jacket is perfect for the campus libraries that are known to crank the air conditioning. Cuff the sleeves to show off your accessories.

A watch is essential for keeping track of time when hours seem to be flying by and you still have so much to do. The bangle looks great next to the watch because of the similar gold tones. Channel your inner nerd and add a pair of glasses! Glasses are a sure way to make anyone look a little smarter. I do in fact know a few people that wear fake glasses just for this reason. Although, when you’re surrounded by books, it’s hard not to anyways.

The final touch is something to carry all your books in! This brown leather bag looks polished with the jacket and the gold accessories. It’s a much more stylish choice than your regular backpack.

One Simple Change: The real world never stops, and it seems even more so when you have a full schedule of work to do. Be prepared to ditch the books and catch the end of the game celebration at the local bar with your friends. Swap the jacket for a school-themed sweater and matching school colored accessories.