You have a ton of exams, homework assignments and papers due this week, so you are basically going to be living in the library. The library is always full of peers, some who you may want to impress. When at the library, most want to be comfortable because it is going to be a long haul, being there all day and all night. Comfort does not always mean sweat pants and a hoodie. That combination may be the most comfortable option but it is not necessarily the most attractive option.

This Fashionisto was spotted in the library sporting the ideal library look. The look is laid back and all-nighter-ready, but one that will also catch a certain lady’s eyes in the library. He decided to journey to the library wearing a simple, solid henley. He paired the shirt with loose khakis and a pair of camel-colored boots.

Being that the shirt and pants are both soft and loose, this is where the comfort, casual look comes into play. The outfit is the classic, relaxed outfit that many guys seem to choose and they are making the right choice by doing so. I know how easy it is to wake up and want to throw on the most comfortable items of clothing you have, but then you will not be capturing anyone’s attention as you strut around campus. Many people who put together an outfit each day definitely walk around with more confidence than those who do not. Show off what you’ve got, and I can almost guarantee you that everyone will notice.

One Simple Change: If you have a presentation later that day, swap the long sleeve henley for a more formal button-down shirt in order to impress your professor and your peers. The button-down with the khaki pants and camel boots will have you looking professional and ready to inform everyone in class about your topic.