At Oneonta the library offers an extremely scenic view of the campus. Although the library seems like the last place you want to hangout, it’s sometimes the place to be. Between classes or down time in student’s schedules, there’s always high traffics of people. The library is of course the best place to study, but can also make for a great coffee break with the girls. Jazzman’s Cafe, located inside of Oneonta’s library, is definitely a hot spot for students.

Jazzman’s with the gals is the one place to unwind and warm up from the cold. I caught this beautiful Fashionista on her way to meet her seven best girlfriends at Jazzman’s in the library. She was sporting a classic peacoat with a pair of jeggings and knee-high boots. The crisp white color of her coat dramatically parts her from the other students on campus. Black is a more prevalent color on campus during this time of year. Be sure to try out this head-turning color! Then pair this color with dark jeans and boots like this Fashionista, and you’ll be sure create an eye-popping contrast look.

The fun and flirty vibe a peacoat gives off is perfect for an occasion with the ladies. Don’t forget that beauty and hair is also a huge part of fashion! I love how this Fashionista tied the entire daytime look together with a soft curl in her hair. A loose curl impeccably plays along with the ambiance of her ensemble. An outing with your most cherished friends should be carefree, so why shouldn’t your outfit be too?

One Simple Change: Did you lose track of time while gossiping at Jazzman’s? Are you now panicking on what to wear to tonight’s festivities? Not to worry, a peacoat is a versatile day-to-night look. Simply swap out the boots for a pair of wedge booties. The jegging/heel combo is perfectly chic and can definitely help you rock the nightlife.