When I’m walking around UCF I’m always on a mission to spot the trendiest Fashionistas/os on campus. I keep my eyes peeled, ready and waiting for the next best dressed student to walk by. Sometimes seeing tons of well dressed students is like love at first sight and other times, finding a Fashionista/o on campus feels akin to spotting a unicorn. On this particular hot Florida day, this Fashionista was the unicorn I needed to transport me from reverie to reality.

This Fashionista’s outfit was all around chic and super cool to boot. She wore just the right attire for a session of studying at the library. Her outfit mixed comfort and color without compromising style. She mixed the colors black and brown flawlessly, which showed that she put a lot of finesse into her getup. She paired a flirty, ruffled black tank top with high-waisted jean shorts and a black braided belt. She wore a long brown cardigan which looked comfy and would be the perfect cover-up for when the library feels too chilly. She wore a pair of feminine, caramel-colored flats that contrasted nicely with her edgy, studded black handbag. This is not your average schoolgirl.

Not only did this Fashionista combine colors, she played with proportions and shapes. She wore a cardigan longer than her shorts which gives the illusion that she is taller than she actually is. She wore fun circular earrings as well as round sunglasses. Fun-shaped sunglasses are very in style now, so this Fashionista was right on-trend. This outfit was clearly well thought out and multifaceted, which is something I really appreciate. I love how this Fashionista really put effort into making her petite frame stand out. She is sure to have every student staring when she enters the library.

One Simple Change: If you decide to take your outfit from day to night, swap out the high-waisted shorts for a pair of denim joggers. You will maintain the chic vibe of the outfit but look a little more dressed up. With this small change you’ll be seamlessly set just in case the unpredictable Florida temperature drops.