It’s midterms week, and no one is doing much of anything except spending time studying in the library. Because it is one of the most stressful weeks of the school year, dressing comfortably is key. This Fashionista chose to wear a cozy yet cute outfit for her trip to the library.

Her loose red sweater with black hearts on it is adorable. It is trendy, but doesn’t look like she was trying too hard to impress anyone for a boring study day. She paired it with black jeggings, which are ideal for library days because they are incredibly soft and slightly more flattering than regular leggings. To top it off, she wore a gray circle scarf for both neck warmth and simply because it worked well with the rest of her outfit.

The best shoes to have on your feet in the winter when you’re lounging around are mini UGGs. While UGGs are obviously known for being well, ugly, in my opinion, the mini ones are actually pretty cute. Baby UGGs, as I like to call them, are evidently extremely comfortable, and they are easy to slip into in the morning as you climb out of bed and drag yourself across campus to the library.

One Simple Change: Throwing on a pair of knee-high boots would change up the whole outfit in a very subtle way. It would then be great for a casual date to the movies or a day out on the town with some girlfriends.