It doesn’t always have to be finals week to make the library your second home. With the amount of school work that I’ve had to do this week, my dorm room has officially become the last place I want to be and the only place in the world where I just can’t seem to get myself to concentrate in at all anymore. If you’re like me, then the solution to this problem is taking a trip to the library (how original, Paula). Between shoving books into my bag and trying to find a way to sneak a cup of coffee in unnoticed, I sometimes catch myself thinking about what I should wear. The question is always simple. Should I go for a casual, comfortable, yet stylish look or for a full-blown “is she homeless?” look?

Now don’t worry fashion world, although sometimes tempting, the latter only happens when I reach my all-time-low days—and trust me, that rarely ever happens. Just because you’re about to engage in a few hours of non-stop studying does not mean that you can give up on looking put-together and fashionable. It’s always about finding a balance between ease, practicality and style. A pair of jeans, a warm, cute sweater or a simple shirt are all that are needed for a library study-session. There are plenty of ways to be stylish and keep up with the latest trends even when you’re just going for a more informal, everyday look. If you’ve put together an outfit that screams casual, effortlessly trendy and that still makes you stand out from a crowd, then you’re doing it right.

This Fashionisto clearly has it all figured out. He’s wearing a pair of classic blue jeans with a denim varsity jacket on top. The military green sleeves and details on the jacket break the denim-on-denim trend and accent the military green details on his white sneakers. Underneath the varsity jacket he’s wearing a blue Hollister bomber jacket with a hood to add a more casual vibe to the look and also keep him warm, while the collar from his white shirt that’s tucked under and his chunky watch add the finishing details to the outfit. Perfect? Yup, I think so.

One Simple Change: Want to transform this outfit from a daytime school look to a nighttime look? Easy. All you have to do is take off the bomber jacket, change into a pair of dressier pants and voila. You’re all set.