It may be that time of the year when midterms are over, but the studying is most certainly not. Students are starting to get tired, especially with spring break just around the corner. So it seems the most efficient course of action students are taking has been going to library. Lately, even the darkest shadows of the library have been used by students striving for knowledge. However, I have also seen more students dressing themselves more in attendance at this building. And by “dressing themselves,” I mean by not wearing hoodies, sweatpants and UGGs to study. It is amazing what a slight change in weather can do to the style of college students. This brings me to the Fashionista I found studying in a group at the library. To take her group project head-on, this student dressed comfortably but cute, keeping her focused.

The first thing I noticed about this Fashionista was her strutting through the library halls in her darling booties. Obviously she was not walking through the building to sleep in a chair in the corner. Booties mean business! But her black leather jacket is a timeless piece that is sure to keep her attentive. Honestly, I have never heard a single person say that they didn’t feel like a boss while wearing one. Pairing this with skinny jeans for comfort, all she had to do was wear a simple chiffon top to dress it up. To accessorize, she threw on a colorful knitted scarf and then made sure to clasp on her watch to keep track of her schedule.

One Simple Change: Say that perhaps you are at the library preparing for a presentation wearing this kind of outfit. But maybe not all leather jackets necessarily scream “professional.” A quick and easy way to transition into presentation attire is to throw on a neutral colored blazer. Keep the color options at black, navy blue, brown or tan to keep it simple.