It’s almost time for midterms. Professors are assigning endless papers and tests, and the library is beckoning you to pick up your weary head and dig into your textbooks. The motivation to study can be affected by what you wear. If you are working in a pair of sweatpants or pajama pants, the association with sleep may give you the urge to open a new tab to Netflix or to take a nap. This week’s Fashionista wore the perfect outfit for a day of studying. It was warm and comfortable like a pair of sweatpants, but it was much chicer.

Sweaters are my go-to for the winter. The bigger and more unique, the better. This Fashionista’s thick, quirky sweater immediately caught my eye. It has cute stitching in the shapes of flowers, butterflies and bunnies. She added a bright blue button-down, making the outfit more preppy and pulled together. The combination could have become grandma-esque, but her skinny jeans and slouchy lace-up boots made the ensemble modern and laid back. To keep warm in the sub-zero wind chill, she pulled on a green puffer jacket that popped against our snow-covered campus. Her earrings gave the outfit a subtle edge. In this outfit, this Fashionista could combat the library draft and feel put together and motivated, all while being comfortable.

If you have a day at the library ahead of you, resist the urge to “bum it” and grab a pair of jeans and a sweater. The combination has all of the comfort of pajamas, but will give you the motivation to get out of your room and show off your adorable ensemble.

One Simple Change: You’ve been at the library for hours; it’s time to reward yourself! If you have plans to go out with the girls to burn off some stress after studying, simply replace the jeans with a bodycon skirt and stockings. The juxtaposition of the slouchy sweater and tight skirt will be playful and flattering.