Fact one: going to the library with a nice cup of Starbucks and a put-together outfit will make you focus better. Fact two: going to the library in your pajamas will make you sleepy and you don’t want to be that student who naps in the library (trust me). Dress for the part you want not the part you have, right? Look the part of a studious college student and you’re bound to succeed both in school and in fashion.

There are many ways you can look cute and still be comfortable enough to sit for hours on end studying something you’ll probably never use again in your career (shout-out to you, Biology). For me, leggings are my go-to bottoms. For the top, throw on an oversized knit cardigan or sweater and you’re good to go. If you want to kick it up a notch, put a collared shirt underneath your big sweater to pull off the ultimate studious look. Since it’s winter, wear tall socks and boots for your shoes and don’t forget to add a scarf or beanie.

This Fashionista got her library look just right. Her graphic black and white sweater radiates confidence and coolness. Another fact: people assume you’re sophisticated and well traveled when you’re wearing something with French words on it. The simple “amour” text does just that for this Fashionista. Her glamorous headband gives off an even more sophisticated and romantic vibe. Her black leggings and black combat boots are perfect additions to make this outfit casual. The combat boots also contrast the girly vibe that the sweater and headband give off. This outfit is perfect to wear to the library, to class or out with friends.

One Simple Change: To transform this library-chic outfit into an outfit for a girl’s night out, I would change the leggings out for a leather skirt. However, either way you wear this outfit, you’re going to look like the coolest girl in the room.