Where in the world has time gone? It feels like we just came back to school from winter break, but now it is already time for midterms; it’s crazy! With papers to write and midterms to study for, I know I will be spending a lot of time in the library. As horrible as studying can be, it can also be used to show off your fashion taste. Many people fall under the list of wearing sweats and a sweatshirt to study, but life doesn’t have to be all that drab. Brighten up your ensemble no matter the occasion. It is totally fine to treat the library like the a runway. Well, maybe not that extravagantly.

The first thing to focus on while dressing for the library is your footwear. Footwear is super important because if you wear the wrong shoes, your mind could wander to the annoying heel on your shoe or how its giving you a blister. Find a shoe that is going to be comfortable. I suggest a sneaker or a boot. With sneakers you can make it fun with a pair of Converse or Nike shoes. These kinds of shoes come in an array of colors and designs so they’ll be sure to brighten up your footwear as well as make it an ensemble focus piece.

Moving onto the ensemble. It is also important to choose comfortable pieces. Who knows how long it will take you to study for your midterms, so you want to be prepared to stay there for however long it takes. This Fashionista chose a fun jacket that was made out of a soft, breathable material so she could easily move around in it. Next, she wore a plain white shirt. She wore a pair of not too tight jeans so she could sit comfortably in them but still get the adorable outcome that a pair of good jeans has on a look. Lastly, she added fun touches to her ensemble with a few pieces of dainty jewelry. The jewelry finished the look and really made it polished. This look is clean, fresh and looks professional and totally rad!

One Simple Change: If you have had enough with the studying and you need to go out for dinner that night, this outfit can easily be changed for day to night. Switch out your jeans and throw on a pair of black leggings. Next, swap the sneakers for some booties. Finally, add a bold statement necklace and you’re ready to go escape from your study party!