Normally I wouldn’t hesitate to sacrifice a little comfort to pull off a great outfit. But if I’m going to be sitting at the library for six hours? Nope. All bets are off. Comfort is the first priority and I’m for sure leaving the jeans folded in my dresser.

With midterms right around the corner, there’s a good chance that we’ll get to know the library a little too well. So how do you navigate the library wardrobe? What’s the perfect mix of, “Dressed for success” and “I literally woke up like this?” This week’s Fashionista showed us that finding the perfect library outfit is easier than you may think.

I’m a fan of a nice sweater paired with a vest and some leggings to look nice but still feel comfy. In the case of library time however, even that can be too itchy or uncomfortable. This Fashionista caught my eye because she is not only clearly adorable, but when you break down her outfit it’s full of pieces we all have in our closet.

First of all are the classic black leggings. If you haven’t noticed by now real pants in college are a rarity. This may cause your parents to roll their eyes but there’s no better way to feel like you’re still in your pajamas but look the complete opposite. These leggings are something every girl needs in their closet.

Next is her oversized shirt. Wearing anything remotely tight fitting to the library is most often not in the cards. So don’t be afraid to grab that huge shirt you thought you could only wear to bed. It’s easy to make your favorite baggy T-shirt look adorable. Men’s T-shirts are perfect for this. Just pair it with the classic leggings and ankle high boots. This creates a cute look that is oh-so-popular within the college scene.

This Fashionista chose the monochromatic route, but I love that she included a pop of color with her beanie. It’s both simple and effective. Parking on campus is expensive, especially if you’re going to be parked for a long time. Pinching pennies in college is a must so more often than not you’ll be walking to the library. With these cold temperatures you’ll be thanking me for pointing out the boots and hat bit.

There you have it! The perfect library look that will send you on your way to acing those midterms.

One Simple Change: Rewarding your studying with a dinner and friends afterwards? Change the length of your boots! Throw on a pair a riding boots to pull of a dressier look that’s excellent for grabbing a bite to eat.