When getting ready to go to the library, the main goal is comfort, so style might not be the top priority. Usually we are headed to the library with exams, papers and projects looming over our heads. Thus, style tends to be put on the back burner in favor of your favorite comfy sweats. Luckily, this Fashionista shows us just how easy it is to put together a simple but stylish outfit for the long day of studying ahead.

Her outfit exudes style in simplicity and more importantly, in complete comfort. A slouchy white T-shirt is a closet necessity due to its versatility from season to season. This Fashionista pairs hers with a thick, cozy cardigan to stay warm in the bitter winter wind. The bold black and white pattern of the cardigan adds some flair to the outfit without requiring much effort. Pairing light wash jeans with the white T-shirt and cardigan helps the pattern in the cardigan to pop.

The light brown boots bring the colors of her outfit together to create a cohesive look. The leather panel at the back of the boots plus the buckles on the sides add some necessary dimension to her simplistic look. Finishing off her outfit with a delicate elephant necklace brings the perfect touch of elegance to the look. Finally, the bold red nail polish is an excellent pop of color that completes her look.

By keeping her look simple, it translates into the perfect library outfit that shows off her impeccable style while still remaining comfortable for hours of hard work. As this Fashionista shows us, it is possible to create a simple, polished and stylish look—even for a long day at the library. Who knows, maybe you will even find a cute study buddy and you will be glad you opted for the simple but cute look instead of sweatpants!

One Simple Change: Are you loving your simple but cute look, but want to carry in over to a night out with the girls? Simply swap the cardigan for an edgy tan leather jacket and you’re ready for a night of fun and dancing with your best friends!