February is the month of Galentine’s, avoiding the red, white and pink section of your local Whole Foods and warmer weather (at least warmer than January). That being said, the days of frat boys in their salmon Chubbies and channeling Ariana Grande in a skater skirt have not caught up to us yet. Fortunately, February marks the slow transition from layers to–well–less layers, and this week’s Fashionista shows us how fabulous we can look in the process.

Unfortunately, even Fashionistas have to make weekly trips to the library, and, if you are double majoring like me, weekly equates to just about every day. Going off the concept of Galentine’s day, make a date with your girlfriends to grab brunch at that new restaurant you have been dying to try before you hit the books. This entails dressing up, but—too completely butcher Fergie’s song from The Great Gatsby soundtrack—a little fashion never killed nobody.

Keep your inner layers simple and comfortable so that you can study for that philosophy test with ease. However, have fun with your outer layer. A shaggy coat like this will keep you warm on your walk to the library, and it will turn heads. I mean, admiring the aesthetics of someone’s fashion choice is the perfect excuse for not finishing that political science assignment. Dog ate it? Not so much.

Partner a pair of straight-legged jeans with sneakers to complete your look. After all, effortless chic is essential for students.

One Simple Change: You entered the library at 11 a.m., and now it’s dark outside. Don’t worry: this is a classic college conundrum. Simply pack a pair of heels with you so that you can meet your girlfriends for dinner later!