If you’re like me, the mere thought of numbers and equations makes you cringe, and the words “upcoming math test” literally give you a mini heart attack. Have no worries; just take a deep breath, and make sure you study, study and study some more. In my mind, the best place to review for an exam that you have been dreading is in the library. I have always found the rows and rows of books to be soothing, especially when it calms my nerves for that future exam (does that make me weird?). Although you may have lost all coherent thoughts, don’t let that test steal away your fashion taste by dressing in sweats and a hoodie.

The other day while striding across campus, I spotted this chic Fashionista exiting the campus library in her military-inspired attire. Her stylish, olive green coat was decorated with a trendy faux fur-trimmed hood. What made the coat even more awesome was the faux fur that lined the inside of the coat, giving it extra warmth. With comfort in mind, this Fashionista threw on a pair of black leggings with lace-up black combat boots to match. Personally, nothing says military-inspired like combat boots. Her light, burgundy sweater added a nice, subtle color change without overpowering the entire outfit. This Fashionista’s dark tote carries all of her heavy books and is the perfect alternative to a backpack. Her stylish bun keeps her hair out of her face for those long nights of studying at the library.

One thing is for sure; with an awesome outfit like this, you will pass that math exam with flying colors. That way you can relax and secure a date with your favorite TV show (The Vampire Diaries anyone?) instead of with your textbook.

One Simple Change: Is the weekend finally here and not sure what to wear? Simply exchange the tote of books for a smaller and stylish cross-body bag.