If you’re going to be spending most of your day in the library on campus, why not look cute while studying? Writing research papers and working on group projects can be boring. That being the case, looking cute while also feeling comfortable is key. At Elon University, students don’t usually sport sweatpants and sweatshirts to class or the library. People usually dress for success, and this Fashionista will show you how to keep things casual and comfy, while also letting your personal style shine through!

This Fashionista is rocking some wide-leg patterned pants. The stretchy material is perfect for a crazy day of studying and homework. She pairs the pants with an oversized thermal top that adds even more comfort to the look. When you have a long day at the library ahead of you, it’s important to wear things that you won’t feel constricted in. To add some more detail to her outfit, this Fashionista wears a lightweight tan scarf that pulls the whole look together. Her tribal pattern backpack adds more personality to the outfit, and is a cute and fun way to haul her heavy textbooks around campus. For shoes, this Fashionista threw on some of her favorite booties and made her way out the door.

Don’t let hours of studying at the library put a damper on your day! Follow this Fashionista’s look and you will be studying in style.

One Simple Change: Going to dinner with friends after the library? Swap out the thermal top for a fancier white blouse. Throw the scarf in your backpack, and you are ready to go!