The first round of exams are upon us, and for many college students, (myself included) academic productivity is at an all-time low. How can we be expected to study when we have Pinterest boards full of DIY projects, recipes, hair and makeup tutorials and workouts that we pinned over break and are dying to try? As responsible college students, we need to have the will power to resist redecorating our living space and march down to the library to study. However, to get in the right mindset to work, it is important to not look like you have just rolled out of bed. If you prepare your appearance for the day, then you will feel energized and ready to hit the books.

Speaking of books, take a page out of this Fashionista’s book when getting ready for the library. She is keeping it simple, yet cute, because you never know who you will run into at the library (maybe even that cutie from accounting). Her plain T-shirt and pair of boyfriend jeans are the perfect fit for sitting in the same spot for hours on end.

Her cable knit cardigan and scarf are a nice way to add some darker neutrals to the look while also staying warm in the library. Also, just because you have to be doing something boring doesn’t mean that your feet must suffer, too. This Fashionista let her feet be the attention getter of the outfit by rocking a pair of patent, oxblood oxfords. They are both comfortable and a great conversation starter for when you’re waiting in line during your much needed coffee break.

When dressing for your next trip to the library, remember to keep it simple, dress in layers and have some fun with at least one attention getter. You might be going to the library to study, but who says you can’t show off your fashion prowess while you’re at it?

One Simple Change: Is there a possibility of your study date transitioning into an actual dinner date? Switch the T-shirt and jeans for a simple shirt dress for a cute and casual look that can go straight from the library to that place right across the street from campus.