It’s the middle of term here at Oregon State University. This means everyone and their mother is stressing out over midterms, papers and whether or not they should drop a class. Sometimes it’s really hard to catch a break, especially when the weather is a little bitter, but I’m sure Beaver Nation is working hard. Which brings up an important question. What should you wear to the library?

Dressing up for the library is not difficult. Obviously, you can always stick to your trusty sweats and sweater combination, but that is too predictable. Everyone is in sweats nowadays, because let’s be real, it’s college. However, It’s not that hard to put in a little bit of effort in what you wear. Truthfully, you can still be comfortable and not look like you’re about to go workout. I can understand if it’s week 10 and you haven’t slept for days. It’s only week five, so there is absolutely no excuse to not wear something decent to the library. For starters, black leggings with riding boots paired with a sweater is a no-brainer. It is a comfortable trio and many of us have these three items lying in our closets. Another look that is perfect to wear to the library and can easily be transitioned to fit another occasion is a dress paired with tights and worn with a cardigan for a little warmth. Sitting down for long periods of time while wearing jeans is a little uncomfortable sometimes, so wearing a dress is a good alternative.

This Fashionista is showing off how to dress for the library perfectly. She opted to wear a coat over a cute top, which is genius, really. Sometimes, the library gets a little stuffy when it is crowded with people, so wearing a coat that can easily be thrown in a backpack is really smart. Personally, I always have to wear a scarf to add a little more dimension to the outfit. It also never hurts to accessorize, which she proves by wearing a simple kate spade new york watch and a dainty ring.

I know studying or doing homework isn’t the most exciting activity ever. But we all at one point in our college career have to drag our butts in the library to get work done. So, take note of this Fashionista’s outfit and you’ll be all set to hit the library. Also, I heard C’s get degrees, but why not shoot for an A on that next test?

One Simple Change: If you have a date after your library session, add a statement necklace to add a little more pizzazz to your already cute outfit.