School is finally back in session after the long, much-needed winter break. Winter break was a nice time to relax, but now it is back to reality here at the University of Rhode Island. It is definitely hard to get back into the swing of things, but doing so in style makes it a little easier. The library doesn’t have to be so miserable if you study dressed to impressed. That little extra boost of confidence when you put yourself together will motivate you to actually get some work done.

This Fashionista showed up to the library looking chic as ever. She is wearing a cream sweater paired with black leather leggings from Forever 21. Her outfit is comfy yet cute, which is perfect for a study date. Although you want to stay trendy, you don’t want to be uncomfortable while slaving away in the worn down library chairs. She threw on a pair of black boots and a chunky gold necklace to complete her outfit. The necklace was an awesome choice with the sweater because it adds a girly flair to a casual outfit. You may not think to pair such a statement necklace with such a casual outfit, but it definitely worked in her favor. Since she is going to study at the library of course she needs a bag for her books! Her bag she chose for the day is super adorable. It is completely covered in cheetah print, which ties in greatly with the colors of her outfit.

One Simple Change: This outfit can easily be worn for a night out with a few simple changes. This Fashionista can ditch the black booties and throw on a pair of black wedges to dress up her outfit. This way she is ready for a night out in the town!