Amongst the excitement of seeing all of your friends after winter break, you quickly realize that coming back to school also means returning to class and homework. This realization leads you to one of the most feared places on campus: the library. For many, the library is a late night home that directly correlates to coffee and junk food. When we think of library attire, we typically think of sweatshirts and sweatpants because nobody wants to be uncomfortable while stressing over schoolwork. What would you say if I told you it’s still possible to steal the eye of a cute boy when you’re focused on studying? Don’t worry Fashionistas. I assure you that there is a way you can dress both comfortably and cute while at the library!

This Fashionista is flawlessly exemplifying the balance between the two. As for pants, leggings are the perfect substitute for the contrary baggy sweatpants. These serve as a more put together alternative, while still having a stretchy and comfortable feel. When wearing leggings, long sweaters are always the optimal choice. This BCBGeneration knit sweater sported by this Fashionista is both warm and comfortable for late nights at the often cold and uninviting library desks.

The slate combat boots that she is wearing add a more stylish and edgy side to the outfit. These boots are the perfect way to spice up a casual look. When it’s time to embrace the coldness outside, this black infinity scarf is the best solution. Infinity scarves are taking over the winter wardrobes of Fashionistas everywhere, adding both a stylish and functional accessory to an outfit. By following the example set by this Fashionista, your trips to the library never have to be dreaded again!

One Simple Change: Worried about what to wear when snow begins to cover campus and you’re left to battle the cold weather? Trade in these trendy combat boots for a pair of warm and fuzzy snow boots!