Midterms are already coming up and students are already slacking on their daily wear—but not this particular Fashionista. The fact that this Fashionista balances both school and looking sweet and simple shows she is the epitome of a stylish college student. Rather than sweatpants and a T-shirt, this Fashionista chose to sport a simple top and skirt. How does she do it?

What this Fashionista’s attire emits is a calm, feminine look that is comfortable enough to wear for a day to the library. Her button-down and maxi skirt drape perfectly around her figure. Though the colors she wears are a plain cream and black, her outfit whispers “simplicity.” Since silence is needed for the library, this Fashionista’s top and bottom combination is on-point for the occasion. Her attire is not loud, but it’s not silent. The fabrics are at the best volume to get noticed.

Her earth toned accessories are what truly complete the look. The various small pops of colors are what caught my eye. Instead of putting on a beanie or cap, she wears a turband, which is a great alternative to a lazy hair day. She then accessorizes with stone earring studs and a gorgeous jeweled bracelet, giving off that chill, hippie vibe. You might have thought it was impossible to dress fashionably for a day at the library, but this Fashionista proves many wrong.

One Simple Change: If you style your hair down, it might get in the way of your notebook you’re scribbling in during class. To ease your stress for your next lecture, tie up your hair in a bun and bling it out with stylish hairpins or a wired headband. Though it may seem like such a small change, playing up your hair accessories is the perfect simple change!