WHAT TO WEAR: Let the Rain Fall Down

Rainy days and Mondays are not the most exciting way to begin a stressful week of classes, exams and homework. Gray skies, cold winds and precipitation can put any of us in a slump. It is easy to head to class in a T-shirt and sweatpants, but dressing up a bit can actually make for a more productive day. I’ve always felt that I am in a better mood and get more work done when I look better.

On this rainy day, this Fashionista decided to go for a sporty-chic look to class. She is decked out in ripped jeans, a black sweater, layered jackets and bean boots. Ripped jeans are trend that I admire greatly. They always seem to go in and out of the style spotlight, but they truly look good on everyone. Ripped jeans can add a bold edge to any outfit. Her black sweater is comfy yet sleek and keeps her warm when winds pick up. The layered jackets provide depth in this look, and the contrast between the tan and green draws your eyes to her. Bean boots are the classic solution to keeping your feet dry and stylish. She tops her look with the must need accessory for every college student: an umbrella. This clear umbrella protects her from the rain while preventing her style from being covered. This Fashionista seizes the day with this look and is ready for whatever is to come, rain or shine!

One Simple Change: To take this look from a rainy day to a sunny day, simply replace the bean boots with black converse. This look would be perfect for a Saturday tailgate!