WHAT TO WEAR: Leisurely Cool

Hello fashion forward friends! Do you know what the comfiest, yet hippest trend around is? Athleisure! We all have our gym clothes. Some actually wear them to the gym, others wear them to lounge around in. To be comfortable, we sometimes sacrifice being fashionable. Now that more and more brands are making cool work out clothes, that is not an excuse any longer!

Take for example my Fashionista, she is wearing one of the coolest jackets around. It has a beautiful pattern that reminds me of marble and lightening. It’s made by RBX so it is the perfect fabric for athletic wear. It’s thick but has no fleece on the interior. On RBX‘s website, they describe it as a “scuba bomber” that’s made from neoprene. The best way to describe the neoprene fabric is wearable foam. RBX’s site also describes it as being “quick drying and designed for movement.” If one wanted to, they could run in this jacket and stay warm and dry in cooler months. Or you could just wear it around town on a nice fall day before, after or ignoring a workout.

My Fashionista’s shoes may not be adidas, which is a hot brand right now, but they are from another high quality athletic brand. These Under Armour athletic shoes are fashionable, yet practical. They aren’t bulky like other athletic shoes, yet they are supportive enough for athletic activities. Keep in mind, all athletic shoes are different and if you do intend on partaking in athletic activities get shoes that match your needs.

Athleisure is fun because it turns our favorite items of clothing into fashion. We all love our yoga pants, sports bras and tanks. But wearing these items all the time doesn’t always give the put-together vibe we seek. Brands are now making high quality pieces with cool patterns and flattering shapes. High quality athletic wear isn’t cheap, but remember there are discount stores like T.J. Maxx that often has popular brands. The RBX jacket was purchased there and I have seen brands like: Nike, Calvin Klein, Athleta, etc. The important part is that we can show off our squat booties or couch booties and look fabulous doing so.