WHAT TO WEAR: Learn to Layer

Despite the lack of snow this winter in New York City, the low temperatures still call for a knack for dressing in the cold. This Fashionista was definitely safe from the cold with her layering skills. She started with the base of a solid turtleneck, always a classic and a personal favorite. Next up, she added an oatmeal crewneck sweater for extra warmth. To tie the two together, she wears a taupe coat that hits just above her knees. The rest of the look remains simple: thrifted jeans and chunky black boots. For accessories, she keeps in the theme of layering and simplicity with just a beanie.

Layering gets more complicated as the number of layers increases, but there are a few guidelines that this Fashionista is following that ensures the look is a success. Primarily, her color scheme is neutral. She chose solid colors ranging from cream to dark gray. If recreating this look, choose either a neutral color palette or a monochromatic hue.

Another reason why this look works is because of the proportions. Layering can be a challenge in choosing which pieces should be worn in what order. This Fashionista started with a thin turtleneck. Starting with thinner fabrics and working up to heavier materials often works best. Thinner fabrics are often tighter and will remain closer to your body, which makes them a good starting point. From there, layer outwards increasing the thickness of the material. This Fashionista ends her layering journey with a heavy coat that will shield her from the cold. Just keep layering until you are warm!