July 13th, 2015 at 2:00am

Back in 2009, I was a preteen and obsessed with the Jonas Brothers. Yes, I am openly admitting that I, Danielle, really enjoyed the Jonas Brothers. I mean, come on, you have to see the appeal here. With Nick’s curly hair, Joe’s thick eyebrows and Kevin’s way too tight jeans, they were the apple of my friends and I’s eyes back then. So, ever since 2009, I’ve been waiting to visit Los Angeles so I could use the Jonas Brothers sing lyrics, “Driving down the highway where California breeze in my hair.” I mean, with all the driving in California, this song is always relevant and became the theme song of my trip.

That being said— hello, West Coast! Hello, California! Hello, Los Angeles! I’m extremely happy to be on this side of the country; this warm weather is amazing. So, I met up with this Fashionista at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s Urban Light exhibit, which I think is a definite must see (especially at night when the lights are on!). The weather was around 80 degrees, but this Fashionista didn’t even break a sweat in her black high-waisted jeans. Her Birkenstock sandals and tied-up, sleeveless button-down keeps her cool and looking extremely dressed up to do anything or go anywhere. And, as if her outfit isn’t great enough, her whole outfit is monochromatic, including her accessories! I love the black and white together because it’s a timeless look that anyone can pull off.

One Simple Change: Switch out the jeans for black high-waisted shorts if you get hot easily or if the weather gets warmer!