WHAT TO WEAR: Kicking off the Fall

Pumpkin spice lattes, breathtaking foliage and sweaters signify the changing of seasons. But my ultimate favorite is bringing out the fall boots. I love strutting around in them while they click and clack. Not to mention they can keep leaves out while walking through a pile of red, orange, and brown. Thus, I have been on the look out for a new pair of boots to love ever since autumn rolled around.

This stunning Fashionista caught my eye with her shoes while rocking them effortlessly. I immediately knew she was no stranger to style because of how distinguished and stylish her tall buckled boots look. They complemented perfectly with her distressed black jeans, instantly upping her cool factor. And, of course, she threw on a hoodie in this sweater weather. Inside, she wore a plain, black V-neck top. She topped off her ensemble with a pair of headphones, making her look super trendy. Although her overall look is very casual and laid back, she gave off a very edgy vibe.

Needless to say, this Fashionista killed it with her almost all-black outfit. I usually opt for brighter colors in the colder weather, but I’ve taken a liking to wearing black from head to toe lately. It’s just so much easier to get dressed when I don’t have to worry about the different colors clashing. Plus, this feminine-chic look is currently a big trend.

This outfit definitely works well in casual settings, such as in a classroom. But the pieces she’s wearing can easily be switched up for a less casual event, like a dinner date with friends. Replace the hoodie with a blazer or wear a blouse on top instead. Also, try putting on a necklace instead of the headphones!