WHAT TO WEAR: Keeping It Simple for School

Sometimes getting dressed for class can be even harder than waking up in the morning, especially if it is an early one. It can be hard to find a middle ground between the super comfy leggings with a Comfort Colors T-shirt versus going all out in a dress or a skirt. The best solution is to keep it simple and find what you’re going to be most comfortable in, because there is nothing worse than being stuck in an uncomfortable outfit. There are a couple of different style options to solve this problem and again, it all depends on what you’re most comfortable in.

One of my favorite ways to dress for class is athleisure, which combines athletic wear and casual pieces. Some examples of people to take inspiration from on this particular style would definitely be Kendall Jenner or Gigi Hadid. But if that is not your cup of tea, there’s always the classic pair of jeans (or jean shorts depending on where you live) with a T-shirt. That is probably the most versatile because there is so much you can do to either dress it up or down.

My Fashionista decided to keep it super simple and casual by wearing some distressed skinny jeans, a pink tank top (for a pop of color), and tan sandals. The best thing about an outfit like this Fashionista’s, is that it can be tailored to any style by playing around with the colors, adding different accessories (like a statement necklace or a cool choker), or opting for a different pair of shoes. This casual look is not only cute and simple, but it is also universally flattering, which makes it the perfect go-to outfit for everyday wear.