WHAT TO WEAR: Job Interview

Trying to find an outfit to wear for a job interview is becoming more and more difficult for women who are just starting out. Whether you are applying for internships or a real job, what you put on your body is crucial. You are trying to sell yourself to a company, so of course, looking professional is key.

With the way clothes are made today, it is nearly impossible to find business casual or professional clothing of good quality also at a reasonable price. I would recommend trying out stores like Express or The Limited for decent quality and price, but you can also hit up H&M which is cheaper, but not the best quality.

This Fashionista chose to wear light gray, skinny fit chino pants. This allows her to have a more professional look while still staying up to speed with current trends. The pants, being from The Limited, were better quality and higher price, but still attainable for your average college student. In fact, The Limited offers a $10 hemming service for any garment of theirs that you purchase!

Blazers are always a very important piece of an outfit. They can easily make something seem ten times more professional. It is definitely something that should be invested in. Going to a store like Forever 21 or H&M is okay for this, but I definitely recommend a store like Express or The Limited for a blazer. Being a working professional, blazers are a key staple item, so it is better to invest in good quality rather than trying to find the cheapest one. The number of times it will be worn will definitely make up for the price.

The shirt featured above has a high neckline and loose fit. It is very important to dress appropriately for interviews because you want to leave a great first impression. Also, the colors of the pattern bring together the gray pants and black jacket perfectly.

It can be difficult to choose jewelry and accessories for job interviews. It is important to keep your look basic and chic, so a simple statement necklace and small bracelets will be perfect. Avoiding very flamboyant jewelry will leave you looking cleaner. When it comes to shoes, sticking with a pointed toe is bolder than a rounded toe. You also want to make sure they are at a reasonable height that you can actually walk in. I am all too familiar with wearing heels that are too high—I end up looking like I just learned how to walk.

Everyone needs a bag, am I right? Especially for job interviews. A large amount of paperwork and information will need a safe place to be protected, so a shoulder bag will do. It is best to pick a color that fits into the color scheme of the outfit.