WHAT TO WEAR: It’s Game Day!

Game days are the best kind of days here at Rutgers University. No matter where you go you can find a tailgate, barbecue and overall just a fun time. The whole campus is taken over by a sea of red tees, tanks, dresses, etc. Here I am featuring my best friend Marlee. Her game day attire is simple, cute, comfortable, yet still spirited.

In a time where almost everyone wears oversized T-shirts as dresses to a game, Marlee chose to go with a cute, more traditional look. Here she is sporting a super cute and flowy Rutgers red sundress with a denim jacket. This is the perfect outfit for this time of year as the weather is transitioning from summer to autumn. The denim jacket is not only a cute addition to the sundress but is also necessary for breezy game day mornings. Marlee also added a white lace bralette under her dress for some added style.

Game days here at Rutgers are typically very busy. Before the games students often travel all over the five campuses to visit their friends at different tailgates/barbecues so it’s important to wear something comfy, including comfortable shoes. Marlee paired her outfit with a pair of classic black converse. Converse are a staple item in my opinion because they go well with almost any outfit and give everything a more casual and even sporty look. I would say that the overall vibe of her outfit is simple, cute and practical.

I asked Marlee what she looks for in a game day outfit and she said that she prefers, “something fun and different that I’ve never worn before. You don’t have to wear school apparel to show your spirit.” She also stated that she liked this particular outfit because she loves flowy dresses and the denim jacket kept her warm while still looking cute and put together. Marlee’s sundress is from Forever 21 and her sunglasses are from American Eagle Outfitters. Her white bralette can be found at Urban Outfitters.