WHAT TO WEAR: It’s Friday Y’all

TGIF Fashionistas/os. The anxiety of tests, papers and homework has been with us all week, not to mention the morning stress of putting together an outfit. As fashionable as we all are, sometimes we just don’t know what to wear! For me, Mondays are always my most refreshed (and most put-together) days; I had the whole weekend to get my life in order fashion wise, but once Friday hits I’m pretty burnt out.
This Fashionista knows that style is key to keeping composure while feeling overwhelmed by her extracurriculars, schoolwork and her social life. Even if you feel as if you’re falling apart, you still look good! Everybody knows the saying, “dress well, test well” and it’s so true. For class, she decides on a pair of high-waisted Calvin Klein jeans she picked up from the Salvation Army and distressed herself—talk about DIY! For running to and from class, she chooses a loose fitting cafe-colored sweater and a camel colored suede trench coat. Since it’s a Friday, she knows her sweater isn’t going to be ideal for a night out on the town. Therefore, she says she would switch out her sweater and trench for a crop top and bomber jacket. Her shoes are my favorite part of this look. Fringe is always such a fun addition to any outfit, day or night.
This Fashionista stresses that she likes to keep her accessories to a minimum, nothing too flashy. I think she perfectly keeps this idea by wearing a few small rings, like her favorite gold mermaid ring and the opal one she found while thrifting. The small-faced watch with a nude band looks awesome and doesn’t draw away from her simple look.
The end of the week is something we always look forward to with football games, campus events and yes, going out. We might be feeling extra worn out, but at least we’ll look good!