WHAT TO WEAR: Interviews

As school is coming to an end, the internship hunt is taking place round the clock, and it’s time to get on board for what you should be wearing to your interview to make a good impression. Typically, it depends on your job search, the office you’re working in and what people in your field of work are usually sported in. But it’s safe to say that a variation of a blazer, blouse, midi skirt and black patent leather heels is a perfect go-to for any field of work.

However, a simple look doesn’t always have to be boring. Take a tip from this Fashionista, and revamp your all-black outfit with textured pieces, such as her textured blazer. The black and white tweed-inspired stripes add uniqueness to the look and serve as the focal point. The texture also flatters the figure more than an ordinary black blazer would because the thickness, pattern and fit of the fabric hug curves above the waistline rather than below it. The midi skirt hangs at a work appropriate length, while the black leather heels create the illusion of longer legs.

The simple accessories are also key because you want the interviewer to focus on you rather than be distracted by flashy jewelry. For lighter skin tones, stick with rose gold or silver metal jewelry. For more olive and darker skin tones, stick with gold and silver metal jewelry since rose gold tends to wash out those skin tones. Also, don’t be afraid to mix gold and silver jewelry to create a more refreshed and edgy vibe to your look while still being professional.

Fun fact about this Fashionista: all of her accessories are heirlooms from different members of her family. She wears them for good luck, especially on interview days! Because her accessories are so simple, it’s easy to mix and match the different pieces to make them work together. Her gold moon necklace, gold evil-eye bracelet, gold and silver-toned watch, her pearl pave ring and diamond ring all pull together to add a timeless aspect to the look.

To finish off the look, she is sporting the classic Marc Jacobs black tote bag, which is perfect for carrying a laptop, resume and portfolio to nail that interview!

One Simple Change: If you’re already working at an internship and you’re looking to take this look from day to night, swap out the midi skirt for high-waisted black distressed jeans. Unzip the blazer, and add a few more delicate layering necklaces to create an edgier, rocker-chic look—perfect for a girl’s night out!